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AquaBRIGHT™ is the perfect solution for deteriorating pool and spa finishes.

Eco-friendly aquaBRIGHT is a thermoplastic polymer specifically designed to solve the issues associated with standard pool finishing systems.

Restorations or new builds can be covered easily with aquaBRIGHT and applied to residential and commercial, indoor or outdoor pools.

aquaBRIGHT will provide a worry free finish for years. Wake-up from the nightmare of your current pool finish!

aquaBRIGHT is the ultimate upgrade for: Concrete, plaster, marcite, marbelite, fibreglass, steel, aluminium, composite pool panels and hybrid pools.


aquaBRIGHT has zero VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and contains no solvents. A typical pool requires an average of 100 lbs of aquaBRIGHT, while a cement based finish may require thousands of pounds of trucked in material. Preserve existing landscaping – heavy trucks and equipment are not used to transport and apply ecoFinishTM pool finishes. There is no need for trucked-in water as aquaBRIGHT cures instantly.

Balance and Swim

aquaBRIGHT cures instantly and provides a smooth, seamless, PH neutral surface that does not react with water chemistry. There is no need for trucked-in water as aquaBRIGHT cures instantly. No more: hot starts, caustic chemicals, stains, chipping, fading or cracking.

Cost Effective

Avoid costly repairs – aquaBRIGHT is not cement based and is not susceptible to issues associated with plaster finishes, such as crackling, mottling and scaling.

aquaBRIGHT can be repaired easily. Touch-ups over scratches, chips, gouges etc. can be applied and blended with the existing coating.

Commercial pool owners have reported up to a 40% savings in annual chemical consumption.

Use Above the Waterline

Use above the waterline! No more crumbling tiles!

aquaBRIGHT may be used on areas above the waterline and will remain resistant to cracking and fading.

Pool tile can now be eliminated, by applying the aquaBRIGHT finish up to the coping.

Flexible – Crack Resistant

aquaBRIGHT is a strong and flexible polymeric material, which will stretch 200% before it ruptures or tears.

It retains this quality even in extreme sub-zero temperatures.

It will also fill and cover small craze cracks in an existing pool finish.


aquaBRIGHT comes in eleven different colours and can be customized to a specific shade or tone. Colours may be matched from a physical sample, a colour swatch, or RAL colour code provided by the customer.

Results from long duration QUV Accelerated Weathering Testing confirm that aquaBRIGHT possesses a high resistance to U.V. exposure, providing a surface that will look vibrant and colourful for many years to come.

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Non-Slip texturing is available for entries and high traffic areas such as wading pools, splash pads, slide entrances, steps, ledges and benches. aquaBRIGHT can be specially top-coated to obtain a textured finish, providing added slip resistance and superior traction.